There are a plethora of tarot decks to select from. However, tarot card readers on this platform are dependent on the traditional deck. The deck has 22 Major Arcan, also known as trumps, which take the shape of archetypal images.

A further 56 Minor Arcana cards are also found in this deck. These minor cards are further divided into the following categories; court or personality cards including, pages, Prince, Queens, and Kings.

A further four elements/suits are featured in this minor deck which depicts, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, where every element holds ten cards. There are several ways readers can work the deck; clients are requested to select the deck which they’re drawn into intuitively.

How Tarot Card Readings Work

For a tarot card phone reading session, cards get shuffled and later dealt in a particular arrangement known as a tarot arrangement.

The card orientation and placement in the spread grant the client a glimpse into their past life, their current life, as well as what to expect in the future. Below we delve into the significance and meanings of the Tarot cards.

The Major Arcana: In total, this upper deck holds 22 cards representing either significant changes or significant events that will impact your life profoundly. In some instances, Marjan Arcana cards are solely used for rendering deeper insights.

The Minor Arcana: The other part of the deck comprising of the remaining 56 cards. As explained above, these cards are used for uncovering things affecting the client’s daily life. The four suits led by the pentacles comes in handy in dealing with something in the physical world. The Wands suit deals with matters regarding the spiritual world. The cups suit handles on relationships and emotions. The swords suit embraces strife and conflict matters. In every suit there are not only the assigned roles (kings to pages), there are also numbers (1 – 10), featured.


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